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Haven't brought a deer into a butcher shop in many years. A sharp knife and my battery powdered De Walt reciprocating saw makes short work out of a rather arduous task for one person. No roasts or hamburger. Just steaks, stew meat for canning, and enough sliced jerky to appease the entire families appetite throughout the rest of the year. No sausage either. I found myself growing tired of eating it long before I came to the last package of it in my freezer. (no matter what the type I made or had professionally made) I never give meat away but to only my family members. If my work associates want a little taste. "They can go hunt one as I did." That way they will know and appreciate what all goes into harvesting a deer. (preparation before & after and one's patience during.) I'm a firm believer of the old proverb "Charity begins at home.>>First!!"
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