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A really old colt revolver

Years ago I bought a gunsmith special from one of the Shotgun News advertiser's. It was a police turn in from S. America. Colt police positive in .38 special. I think the gun was originally nickle finish, pretty much all gone when I got it. It also did not work at all. Paid like 20 bux for it.
We had bluing tanks at the time. So I stripped it down, polished it, and blued it. Gee now it looks decent, still does not work.
It got stuck in the back of the safe for many years. I finally dug it out and got in to the lockwork and noticed a part was bent. I straightened it, and lo and behold gun worked fine.
Well, except that one could not hit the broad side of a barn with it, standing inside the barn.

It did turn in to one of my best trades ever tho. traded it for a very nice 03 colt pocket hammerless, made in 1919.

The gal I traded with is quite happy, she can't hit the barn with a good gun anyway. My wife loves the 1903 Colt.
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