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I haven't had a deer professionally butchered in well over 10 years. Had a friend that took a job skinning for a local butcher after his skinner flaked out and disappeared on him one season (Guy was prone to just take off for Alaska, usually crab fishing on the Bering Sea). That butcher lost a bunch of deer after the guy took off, they just rotted in his cooler. After that he put a big box in his walk in freezer labeled Build-A-Deer and every deer he butchered had some cut of meat placed in that box just in case he lost another deer in his cooler. After I found out about that box I decided to learn to cut my own and never looked back, I also make my own fresh and smoked sausage using seasoning from LEM. My group of friends all pool some meat together for sausage, got 50 lbs waiting in the freezer right now and still 2 weeks of deer season to go. I have a PDF of a brochure put out by the New Mexico State University on how to process your own venison if anyone's interested I could probably e-mail it.

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