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I like Rugers . . . I must, I own six of 'em. But if I am going to buy a firearm - a pistol, rifle or shotgun . . . I much prefer to examine it in person before I purchase it to make sure it meets my expectations . . . regardless of the make. That's not to say I haven't made a purchase online . . . I have . . a Python, a vintage S & W M & P Target and a vintage Colt Army Special. But, they were from a dealer I've dealt with and that I trust . . . and those have been with the understanding that there is a return policy if not as described of if I'm not satisfied. And let's face it, those were pretty safe bets and in the long run, a safe gamble. Any manufacturer, make or model can have a problem though especially newly manufactured - that's why i much prefer to see it before purchase.
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