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I do chamfer all new cases just to remove the roughness. Only takes a couple seconds and only have to do once for the life of the case.

I too have never trimmed a revolver straight walled case. Rifle yes. I still get very good groups without this step.... Same with cleaning primer pockets. Just don't see the need (used to do it all the time, but then found clean/dirty still shot the same... for my level of shooting that is... hmmm). You can tell after depriming when it looks like time to 'clean'.

As for lubing. Never have for straight walled cases in a carbide die. What I will do sometimes is swipe around the case with my fingers and the oils are enough to make the operation smoother. I figure they designed carbide dies so you don't have to get messy... and so far that was worked for me since the 80s... YMMV.
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