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with my current work schedule, and a 6-month old baby, I hardly have time to hunt, let alone learn how to butcher.
It really is not that hard ...... though if you have not done it, it can seem daunting.

Hang the field dressed animal upside down by the hocks on a gambrel ......

This thing is very helpful if you are doing this solo:

In any case: Pulleys are your friends, and as with friends, more is better!

-remove lower legs (distal to knees) with sawzall....
-begin skinning by making cuts down back of all four legs
-pull skin down while making small cuts between body and skin
-keep pulling down and cutting until "his shirt is over his head and then unzip his collar" with a vertical cut from chest to chin
-remove head (sawzall is a handy tool, ain't it?) with skin attached
-remove neck in sections short enough to fit in a crock pot (neck roasts)
-split body lengthwise (it SAWZ ALL!) down spine
-count up 6 (some say 7,8, or 10) ribs and cut spine and sternum with ________ (yep!) .... front quarter will be hanging by intercostal muscle between ribs - grasp foreleg (so this front quarter will not fall on the ground and cut that muscle with your (you thought I was going to say SAWZALL, didn't you? Bzzt.) knife.
-take front quarter into house/put in cooler/whatever
-repeat for other side
-tie one hock to tree/rafter, so it will not fall when you remove the other side from gambrel and take it in

There, animal is quartered.

TheGolden Rule of Tool Use: "If you don't know what you are doing, DON'T."
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