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I'm going to chime in too. First, you said hunting rifle without appearing to be a noob or out of place. It should be a bolt or lever action.

Second, you said deer hunting, so that usually means 6mm or larger.

Third, distance mentioned seemed to be 200 yds +. That leaves out the 30-30 and 45-70 (45-70 has the trajectory of a mortar round), plus the pistol rounds.

Fourth, You are new to rifle shooting and more than likely recoil sensitive. That narrows down your selection quite a bit. You will probably want something with a little less than the 308. More than likely 243 or 260 remington.

The 260 does have a bit of an advantage of energy down range and no one would really fault you for that choice.

So, here is my selection for you. Savage mod #11/111 package (decent 3-9 scope) in 260 remington. Savage is known for their out of the box accuracy and decent price.

This will serve you well for a lifetime. Later you might want to reload ammunition. Although 260 ammo isn't quite as cheap as 243, it still isn't bad.
If you do decide to reload, 260 can be made from 243,260,7-08, 308, and 7.62x51 cases.

There, that's my .02 and the reasons for its selection.
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