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Interesting thread . . .

I took a CCW class in AZ (I winter there) even though it is no longer required. I am a "revover guy" and have been for 50 years. In talking to the instructor prior to the class, she was going to have us go through 50 rounds in a series of shot groups (for want of a better description). One of them was to shoot a series of 5 shot groups at small corner targets on the main target and we were to do this rapid fire. Out of a class of about thirty, I think there were two with revolvers. I chose to use my SR9 instead of a revolver just because of the number of students tht had to go through and the limited slots at the range.

I primarily carry a LCR though and am very comfortable with it, 5 rounds and even though it is the 357 model, it usually is loaded with 38 spl. as that is what I've comfortable with.

In regards to "new" shooters getting certified, I sometimes wonder if they are steered the way of the tupperware by the LGS? When I purchase a new or used handgun, I do my research - I stopped listening to gun shop clerks years ago whether it was about guns or ammo - everyone has their own opinions and I make up my mind for myself based on research and experience, not what someone tells me in a GS. For a lot of folks though, they have never owned a gun, have very limited knowledge and all they know is that they want to have something for SD and to take the class. They depend upon the advice and recommendation of the clerk that waits on them. I'm not saying that is bad . . . I'm just wondering how much this influences the average individual who has never owned a handgun but now wants one and who doesn't do any research prior to the purchase? I'm guessing that a lot of younger clerks view the revolver as "old fashioned", limited to five or six rounds and therefor convince the first time buyer that they "need" a semi-auto as it has a higher capacity, is more reliable, is lighter, and the list goes on an on. Those are just some of my thoughts . . . . but I could be wrong . . . wouldn't be the first time . . . and won't be the last.
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