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We basically have two plans proposed for defending our family. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Some are based on the prevailing law. We have focused in on the stairs vs a safe room. I would like to review some basic principles which, by virtue of many years of training exercises both military and LEO.

One each home has different issues.

First we must consider a defense in depth. Passive perimeter. Motion sensitive lights. landscaping with thorny bushes under windows. I recommended Holly or blackberries in a PM to one of the contributors.

Hardened doors and break resistant windows with pins in the windows so they cannot be opened from the outside but can be raised from the inside. We must consider fire safety.

Cell phone to notify the LEOs. In my case it is a formality as the response time will 2 to 3 hours. I am remote in a sparsely populated county and most Law enforcement issues are in the far NE part of the County. Basically my wife and I are on our own in tweaker territory.

By nature I do not like to be confined to a "safe Room" with no avenue of escape. One must remember Murphy. "If it is hard for the enemy to get in, it is hard for you to get out"

In AZ our laws are not as draconian as many of the liberal states. Basically, if we have an intruder we are presumed to be in danger for our lives and we may shot the BG. If we do not administer a coup de grace and we keep our mouths shut we will not be charged. The exception is Pima County and Tucson they tend toward CA rules.

I respect the opinion of Old Marksman. He is one of the posters whom I have come to respect I have listened to him and I have incorporated some of his suggestions for my final defensive position.

The basic problem with a newly constructed home is that most incorporate a split bedroom set up. The master suite is separated from the children s rooms. ie the children are on one end of the house and the adults are on the opposite. This layout presents an obvious problem. How do you collect small children and get them into the safe room which would be in the master suite.

This layout means that a defender must position at a Choke point were the BGs can be delayed while the small children are collected and moved to the safe room.

The master suite is the appropriate location for the safe room. The family jewels (children and wife) are placed in the bathroom and the defender positions himself covering the door to the suite. This system keeps the children in a safe location with the wife defending if they should get past the bedroom. Once again we are defending in depth.

There maybe a situation were for some reason, say a family member (ex husband) may break in but due to the trama caused by shooting him will hurt the children. Ie why did you kill daddy.

In a case like that, the last part of the defense plan must be implemented early on. In every defense plan, You need a bug out plan and rally points. The fire evac plan is not good. You must chose a concealed location which is defensible.

Depending on your location and make up of your community, the house directly behind your home might be a good place to go. This needs to be coordinated with your neighbor. Especially if it involves a high threat like a crazy ex in-law. I reiterate you must plan and coordinate.

Hopefully, I have provided some food for thought.

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