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From the two brief vids I have seen, it is an excellent ranging/drop compensating sight. It does not, as claimed, make anyone a great shooter. It does not appear to compensate for movement of the target, movement of the shooter, or environmental conditions. That it could make anyone a great shooter would depend on the gun being expertly zero'd and I would guess that the zero be verified at a variety of distances for the given conditions for the particular batch of ammo being used. Ammo does vary, even the same make and model, from batch to batch and if you are talking about making precision long range shots, then the variation may be significant when speaking in terms of making humane kills on animals or taking out enemy combatants.

It says it will provide information on windage corrections. Of course, windage corrections will involve knowing how to properly read the wind over the course of the bullet's flight. That takes quite a bit of skill to understand so that the information can be provided to the unit.

I don't see where the unit will compensate for angle. Maybe it has a digital level in and and so it will be great in the mountains, but I don't see that information anywhere.

In looking at the video here, it looks like the unit definitely does NOT take motion into account. At about 38 seconds, a 'target' is identified that looks like a hog and the shooter 'tags' the target with the red dot, squeezes and holds the trigger until the crosshairs cross the tag again for the rifle to fire. The only problem is that the tag was put on the shoulder of the hog and the hog moved and the tag mark covered the side of the belly forward of the rear leg. So the tag not only does not track the target that is tagged (but apparently tags a digital location in the FOV of the scope itself), but will not follow the moving target.

The first video I saw said that the system was developed based on jet fighter technology. The aiming system for guns in jets will track their targets. This system does not.

I think the concept is very cool, but think the hype is overblown for what it can do. I think we are probably still several generations away from the rifle making anyone an expert shooter.

As for the concerns of this gun getting in the hands of the enemy, that was a concern in WWI with the BAR. As such, our Doughboys went to France without a fine weapon and were given Chauchat light machineguns instead. That initial decision cost a lot of American lives. Not giving our people better tools does not benefit them in doing their jobs.

Addition - If something has more insight into the unit and that it does more things than I understand it doesn't do, I would be interested in seeing the information. Thusfar, I simply have not seen information contrary to my evaluation. I have not seen the unit, spec sheet, etc. So I may be biased based on a lack of information.
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