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Range Report: Trio of free handguns :)

I posted prior about recieving 3 handguns for free. A dual tone sig 228, stainless beretta 92fs, beretta 92fs compact. Well I finally made it out to the range today to try them out...

I will say that I USED love glock, felt really good in my hand and the recoil was not too bad even though it is a compact in 40...

Well I tried the sig 228 first. All the mags were new and hard to load, hmm I was thinking going to bust my fingers real good! Loaded the mags up with 115gr win fmj and shot a few mags. I tried the double and single action, both are real smooth and crisp. Double taps start with double action were easy, though the single action trigger pull seems very lite. I now see the hype over sigs

Both the berettas were nearly as great though the gripa did seem a bit thick. The compact needed a little dab of oil to function perfectly after all it wasn't out of a case for over ten years. The full sized has a secondary market grip that is bulky, the compact has a houge? grip that is awesome.

Shot some 124 and 147grain +p premium self defence ammo as well, all of the guns shot them better than I could...

End results is that my dad now has 4 new guns, including a glock that was mine... I am shopping for a sig now
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