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Movie gunplay

All the movies you listed were good.
How about the Quigley down Under last fight scene.
Monte Walsh,
Broken Trail supposedly takes place in Wyoming and based on a true story. Guess the descendents still run the ranch. They act like they would of a 100 years ago. The walk the mannerism etc. I know because I remember my grandpa and great grandpa having the same mannerisms.
Have one more on Netflix, Can't remember the name Takes place in Tennessee
Hero was between rock and a hard spot on the run back home.
Donald Sutherland played the Marshall coming after him.
Course Dances with Wolves had a good skirmish in beginning between the blues and greys.
There's a bunch out there, but the alzheimer is setting in I think.
Have fun shooting!
EDIT: Just found the movie again : Dawn Rider"

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