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I'm pretty sure my wife would flip her lid if I dragged a deer in the house and heaved it on the table.
If a deer is skinned and quartered, it is very manageable on a kitchen counter or table. Bring one quarter at a time into the house, your wife will hardly notice.

Bone the hinds for steaks and roasts, the fronts for burger, and the backstraps for steaks. Done in 2 hours!

Buy a small meat grinder, you will use it every hunting season. I like to buy bacon ends for my burger binder. I use them at 9:1 for 90% lean burger, and the bacon gives the lean deer meat some nice moisture.

For wraping, I use plain old freezer paper and the plastic "vegtable bags" that supermarkets have out for the fresh produce. I talk to my local stores' produce manager and buy a roll off the store every couple years. It is very cheap and saves the frustration of using plastic wrap for the vapor liner.

Try butchering your own. You will know 100% of the meat is yours, and you can be as clean and sanitary as you like. After the initial investment, it also save lots and lots of money!

P.S. Wild game processed at home ALWAYS tastes better, too!
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