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Anyone have any experience with the Stoeger Luger .22 pistol?

The Evil Pawn Shop Guy has one in his case,,,
He's only asking $289.00 for the pistol.

The reason I say "only" is because,,,
A quick perusal of gunbroker and other auctions,,,
Show the gun going for over $400.00 in almost every listing.

The gun looks to be in fairly nice condition,,,
The only thing bad about the gun are the wood grips,,,
Someone carved/burned a set of US Army insignia stripes on it.

Anyways, since I like oddball pistols,,,
I'm considering a Christmas gift to myself,,,
I just wanted to see if anyone has one and what they think of it.

BTW, I did find a .pdf file of the original instruction manual,,,
I'll attach it to this post in case anyone could use a copy.

Interestingly enough the last page has a statement,,,
"Born in America - Now made in America"

According to the manual the Luger was designed by an American,,,
Hugo Borchardt then sold the idea to George Luger.

That's probably common knowledge to Luger aficionados,,,
But it was news to me.

Anyways, any info would be very helpful.


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