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I own a CMMG AR 15 in .22. It is a dream to shoot. I own quite a few 5.56 AR's, but the .22 is just cheap fun. Icahn shoot for hours for a few dollars. I also train people with basic "black rifle" usage and often let them start with the .22. I will be honest, it is a novelty to most, but it is invaluable to me. I cringed at the thought of a .22 caliber AR until I got my first one (S&W M&P15-22). I only sold it to get the CMMG( same weight, profile and feel as the government M4). I own calibers from .22 to 50bmg, the .22 AR is by far the one that sees the most use.

AR's in .22 caliber are one of those things that isn't for everyone. I am one of those that love them. Mine is just as accurate as my Nylon 66 or other semi auto .22's. I didn't buy mine because it is "tacti-cool", I bought it because it is cheap and fun and helps me stay proficient shooting.
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