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Most of the dedicated 22 AR's are not reliable, due to plastic lipped magazines, that wear out easily; unless you buy CMMG's new metal lipped magazines --- which I've had not tried yet.
I've never had a single reliability issue with either the plastic-lipped or stainless steel-lipped Black Dog Machine magazines in my CMMG dedicated .22LR upper. The concensus is that either Black Dog or CMMG mags are good-to-go.

MY M&P 15-22 performance center model has been 100% accurate since day one, with minimal cleaning, and dead on accurate, almost boringly so. If you want a dedicated AR style .22 I can't imagine why you'd go with anything else.
If you want an actual AR-15 chamered in .22LR (with forged receivers, correct weight/feel, and parts compatibility) instead of a plastic AR-15 replica shooting .22LR, a dedicated AR upper/full rifle is the way to go.

That said, the S&W M&P15-22 is a fine rifle, but not everyone's cup of tea.

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