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i will say that anyone planing on buying a dedicated .22LR in an AR style rifle/carbine, steer clear of the Colt, it is pure junk in my OPINION, stick with the S&W M&P AR-15/22 OR a good dedicated upper, like the Tacsol M4/22, there are probably others that are good to go, but the above mentioned .22's are the only ones i have any personal experience with.
You hear that a lot from Colt bashers but I've found my Colt M4 .22lr and my buddy's S&W M&P15-22 are about the same in accuracy and reliability as long as you use the ammo they like. Both rifles love 36gr Federal and WW value packs from Walmart. Both puke on Remington Golden Bullet.

Both are fine rifles and each has advantages and disadvantages. One negative for both, my Marlin 60s easily shoot as well yet at a fraction of the initial rifle cost.
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