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Well your needs may be somewhat different from mine...I actually have both the G29 10mm and the G30 45ACP. Both actually feel near the same, point the same, fit in the same holsterss and are quit capable of the task which could be encountered.

I carry the G29 10mm if I'm out in the open, woods, larger buildings or on the road where an encounter may present various barriers or longer distances. It brings more ballistic power and longer range accuracy to any situation.

I carry the G30 45ACP concealed if in close quarter atmospheres like that of restaurants, small buildings/rooms. Less chances of a complete pass thru hopefully should there be need.

So I dress and carry one or the other based on the estimated places I will be traveling to, weather/climate conditions during the course of a that day.

There are plenty of options to choose from, but you will need to practice with what you will be comfortable in using for your daily encounters.
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