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Shmellba, my limitations of old shooter and sporter weight barrel might make this comparison meaningless, but I will continue with this. It interests me, and with the weather being so hot, I don't feel like hunting. And most of us are just hunters and shooters like me, and with sporter weight barrels. So we might learn something. And if I can't get answers with the 223, I might drag out the 220. That old gun will really shoot and was set up for me by a real pro. It's just so darn loud that my wife will be on my case well before I've shot all the rounds I'll need to shoot. So...I'm taking the wise path for now and using that 223.
I don't begrudge you one single bit - if anything it's a great excuse to get out and put some rounds down range. Hard to say anything negative about that at all.

I only made the comment because the ammo is only part of the equation - you can have the best and most consistent ammo ever produced, but if your action is out of true you are going to get less than stellar results. And considering some of the points of discussion here, I think about the realistic break even point for me personally.

It's good to be retired. A bad day at shooting beats a good day at work.
This man speaketh the truth.
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