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I used the tailgate on my F-150, perfect height. Depending on weather, quarter and put into coolers with ice for a day, then deboning. Backstraps and tenderloin go into vaccu-seal packages. Rest gets ground plain, no beef or sausage etc., and packed in 1.5 lb vaccu packs and put into freezer. Depending on what I want to make I will mix it then. Jerky add spices and cure only, summer sausage about 2-4 pounds hot pork sausage added for 20-25 pounds ground deer. Hanburgers 50/50 with sausage makes a wonderful burger. Only part that is done inside is the vaccu-packing. Wife likes to shoot them so she doesn't complain.

If you are paying to have it done, I would say you are getting a decent price on it.
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