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Sorry I did not mention I am not looking to order one online at this time. I prefer a rifle I can pick up, look at, and inspect before buying. Though one of the LGS guys says he may be able to order one in .357 Mag for me if the distributor has one in stock.

I prefer the .357 due to the fact that I am already set up to cast, and load for it. If they had one in .41 Mag I would drive across the state to pick it up. As far as .44 mag goes I am open to it though none have the large loop. I want one with the large loop for my hands. I have long narrow fingers, with wide palms so I have a hard time fitting my hand in a standard loop.

Other than those there is a Finn capture Mosin that looks promising, as well as a couple of other mil surp rifles. Though I am in a lever action mood at this time.

Any feed back on the 1895 Marlin with cast lead would be apreciated.
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