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Decision making dilemma

Ok in two days I get a little fun money to play with. I have been going through the local gun stores, and pawn shops. I have also been checking out the Thrifty Nickle as well. I have been looking for a lever action .357 Mag for a while. It seems when I do not have the money to even put one on lay away they abound on the shelves of every where.

Well now there is not a single one to be had in the surrounding tri county area. I had Mrs. M&P call Cabella's to see if they have anything in stock. They say they have one Rossi tough it could be gone already as far as I know. So now it is time to form a back up list.

I hand load, and cast lead, and want something I can cast for without having to use gas checks. I am looking at lever actions. I am not looking for a 30-30 I have 2 of them already from Grampa. I am wanting the over sized lever for my large hands.

Ok so now choices are down to a couple of .44 Mag lever actions. One is a Henry, one is a Rossi, and one is a Marlin. Price difference between them is not that great. Less than $150. The other is a big loop stainless steel Marlin 1895 in .45-70 with Hi Viz sights. I am realy starting to want it. Though I am wondering how well it will do with cast bullets. (Are they still using the Micro Groove rifling in them?)

Oh and cast bullets would be shot with Trail Boss so velocity would be on the low end. The rifle will not be used for hunting. I have plenty of rifles to hunt with already. I am not planing on scoping it either. A tang sight would be nice though that would later down the road. This would be a just for fun on the range, and the occasional rouge pop can, and bottle on the farm gun.
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