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They also claim to have made the "most widely used" firearm in the world... While it is widely used, the NUMBER of firearms in use may not be as great as they imply (or as most readers infer.)

If you find any details about this "updated manufacturing technology", let us know -- and I'll do the same.

The SP-01 isn't a bigger P-01. It was apparently modified to make it more competitive in the various gun games -- which is different than the P-01's focus.


With regard to the original question -- I doubt that there will be noticeable differences in service lives between the two guns. The Compact is heaver and steel, while the P-01 is alloy.

Both are quite durable, and except for the decocker on the P-01 (and safety on the Compact), almost identical internally. The P-01 has some newer features, some of which were mentioned. Both use the same mags, recoil spring, etc.

If you prefer cocked and locked, the P-01 is not an option; if you like alloy and decockers, the P-01 or the similar PCR are good choices. All three should OUTLAST the shooter.

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