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Interesting. I've seen issues where it didn't chamber. IMO, and I realize Fishbed will come attack me in my sleep for saying this, I think the P99/PPQ do have one design flaw: a very steep feed ramp. Now some guns have the same phenomenon, but the nose of the round barely hits the feed ramp at all while chambering so it's really a non-issue. With the P99 and PPQ the round makes a rather steep climb to chamber, and I've seen weaker loaded ammunition or weaker cycling cause issues with this.

If it keeps up you'll have to send it in. Curious if you still send it to S&W or Walther at this point given their contract expiring.

lol I was thinking that too...About Mr. Fishbed...

I agree with you, it doesn't even sound like the bullet is going into the chamber smoothly. It makes plenty of ruckus. After pulling that stunt it just pulled on me today? Not going to mess with that one for a little while. It's next to the Glock 19 now and it's issues.

I'm not sure...I think this batch goes to S&W. Says so on the slide. Guess I'll call and find out.

It's only 300 rounds old. What a PITA. -___-
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