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You have two FN "Trombone" pump action .22 rifles.

The roll mark on top of the barrel is a clue.

Fabrique Nationale D'Armes D Guerre Herstal Belgique
Roughly translated as national manufacturer of arms of war in Herstal, Belgium. Usually abbreviated simply FN and a major maker of firearms since the 1880s, builder of guns for Browning until they went to Japan for most of their products.

Browning's Patent Depose (filed) shows it was designed by John Browning for FN, as he did a lot of other guns. Few were sold in the USA.

The stamps on the side of the barrel are Belgian proof test marks.

Since there is no letter in the serial numbers, they were made before 1958 and there is no record of manufacture. The (star) C in the proof marks represents an inspector who worked in the Belgian proof house from 1924-1948 so that is not much help.
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