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I actually like the "torque" feel of a .45 best, and I thought 9mm felt a little boring at first. I think it has more to do with really liking the gun. Then again, other plastic 9mms I've shot didn't seem to have any character to me. I like all my guns, and on any given day, I will prefer one over the other, but usually it's between my HK and my SIG. My reasoning for preference is unquantifiable.
Ah..Gotcha. Just wondering. I love the feel of .45 too, that "push".

other plastic 9mms I've shot didn't seem to have any character to me
Yes! Opened my safe today...Thought I wanted to carry something else other than the SIG 1911 on my hip. So I picked up the Glock 19 I've been having issues with just to feel it. Put it back...Got my PPQ...loaded up a fresh mag. Held the +1 on the side racked the slide to chamber the round (strongly as always) and the PPQ didn't go into battery.

I stared at it dumbfounded like "did this really just happen?" Dropped the mag, emptied the round, and tried again..And it happened again. I put it right back in the safe..I'll deal with that later. It has 300 rounds through it. It functioned flawlessly then. I don't know what it's deal is now.

I remember thinking as I put it back, about this thread and I mumbled to myself.. "Souless jerks"

My SIG P226 and my SIG 1911 XO are my babies. I love them. I feel more attached to them. Anything steel or aluminum. My Gold Cup, 70 Series, SA 1911, High-Power, you name it.

Alright, done rambling.
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