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Range today!
I fired Winchester 1oz rifled slugs today, 25 five of em! The barrel was dirtier then I've ever seen it but it seemed to clean up quickly using Hoppes Elite. I'm going to leave CLP in the barrel over night and I will recheck tomorrow and see if I get any more residue on a patch. Total cost of 25 rifled slugs was a few cents less then one box of sabots, but I haven't bought rifled slugs in ten years and every box was under $3.00, (usually bought at Wally world at the end of the season.) I have a ton of Winchester and Federal 1oz slugs!

At 50 yds I got one ragged hole shooting three shot groups, every time. Went to 100 yds and my first group was about 8 inches, (size of my hand.) Not good enough. I did a couple more and they were both under 6 inches, easily covered by my hand. All the 100 yd groups would have been much smaller but I always got one flier. The other problem was my front sight completely covered the target at 100yds. Only about four inches low at 100yds (my palm covered the drop.)

Something interesting. Shooting off a sandbag I was about an inch and a half low at 50yds. I didn't have a screw driver small enough to adjust the sight so I had to leave it there. Shooting off hand or on my elbows I was an inch high at 50yds, right where I wanted to be. Don't know why this happened but it worked out. I was limited to 50 & 100 yards. I would like to try it at 75 yds but I couldn't. Overall I'm very happy with the rifled slugs. I feel much more confident with the setup after shooting 25 rds today. Putting a couple boxes of sabots through it wasn't enough. I'll keep an eye on the barrel for leading.
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