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Teaching, no matter the number of students, boils down to the relationship between teacher and individual student. We have to learn how to connect with each student as well as the group as a whole.
Finding what the individual needs are and filling those needs is what make success.
Maslow's hierarchy of needs is one model that has been used for years as a standard ruler, to measure curriculum ability to fill student needs.
"Curriculum" should be the very minimum acceptable information required for mastery of the specific scope of the curriculum. It is our job as instructors to take that base curriculum and expand it to fit the needs of our students. If the place you are instructing at only allows one set curriculum without variance, then you need to show them why and where there is a better way. Bring them a new curriculum based on what works best from various methods. If they won't change, then it comes down to you deciding if you are comfortable with doing it their way or moving on.
I have taught EMS, Fire, and LE for years. I have had curriculums, that I thought were more ignorant on the subject than the new students coming into the classes. There is nothing wrong with covering "what you have to", then add "but here is another way that might work for better." You have to teach options.
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