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First Time Bead Blasting - Advice Needed

I recently picked up a used Sig 232 in stainless and want to refinish the gun. Before I bead blast the gun I plan on going over it with some 800-1000 grit wet dry to get out any tooling marks left over from the factory. I have a good amount of experience with taking scratches out of stainless but it has always been on my revolvers which I end up polishing after. I also have experience with getting a good brushed finish on flats of slides so no issue there either. Although I have no experience with bead blasting so I have a few questions.

I plan on using 80 grit glass bead to get a satin finish, if any out there have an alternative preference feel free to share.

Should I look for a particular style of bead blasting gun/nozzle that would best suit the job? I see a few different choices out there but am not sure as to what would be best.

Before I bead blast should I go over the prior bead blasting on the gun with say 800-1000 grit wet-dry to prep it and get a flat surface.

Since the gun is blowback I don't really feel comfortable removing the barrel from the frame. Would plugging each end of the barrel, wrapping that section in saran wrap and then taping it off suffice? I also plan on taping off the rails and feed ramp, and of course the gun will be stripped to it's bare frame.

Is it possible to over blast, and should I practice first on some scrap steel?

Any other tips and advice is welcome. Appreciate any input.
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