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Always bothered me that the perp was hit 5 times in the chest by very potent rounds, yet could still return deadly fire. As you know the perp is behind bars.

The tragic incident has, however, had a beneficial effect in that tactics to avoid such a terrible outcome have since been taught, and lives saved.
Exactly why I practice shot placement over speed, I shoot fast only because of a lot of trigger time but anybody wanting to shoot faster than me will be able to. I'd rather not have to empty my gun because my shots counted.

I keep seeing the videos of the Tueller drill and the only people who I have seen successful were the ones who did not retreat. You have feet, kick him, you have a forearm put it up and get cut but live, you have a chair throw it between you, you have a waste paper basket or stapler or plate of spaghetti get it between you and the knife man but for heavens sake do not retreat backwards while looking at the man charging you. 3 times I have faced a knife and each time the man was within arms reach of me and attacked without warning, even if I had a gun which I didn't I would not have been able to get to it. I have never been cut so going on the offensive immediately has a lot of pluses in my book.
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