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Again, one more time, I have a rifle that shoots one hole groups, I had another rifle that shoot patterns (like a shot gun), the rifle that shot patterns was a Winchester Model 70 chambered to 300 Win Mag, I shot the same ammo in both rifles, one more time, one shot one hole groups, the Winchester shot patterns,

Winchester suggested I shoot the Model 70 a few hundred more times, at that time I was up to 120 rounds, 6 boxes, no matter what die was used there was no way the cases were going to be restored to minimum length/full length sized, no matter the brand of die, I have RCBS, RCBS small base, RCBS BAR dies, I have Lyman dies, I have Hornady dies etc.. Again, I ask Winchester for a chamber that fit my dies or a set of Winchester dies that fit their chamber.

Back to ‘all you got to do is do what Sierra does and now Berger, not often but I have formed cases as in 20 to different lengths and mailed them to shooters/collectors/reloaders with the instructions they attempt chambering each case from the shortest to the longest, after determining the length of the longest case that would allow the bolt to close they were asked to call me and or email. All they had to do was tell me which case allowed the bolt to close with the slights resistance to bolt closing, I matched the number to an index in thousandths.

In Northern Alabama a collector of Mausers could not find a smith that knew how to answer his question, all he wanted to know was the length of the chamber from the bolt face to the shoulder of the chamber in thousandths, he has 25+ Mausers, a few go back to .318, most are .323, they, the smith of Northern Alabama, said it could not be done and they did not have a gage for the .318. Anyhow, he called and informed me he had 2 rifles that chambered the +.020 cases without resistance to bolt closing. The +.020 were .020” longer from the head of the case to the shoulder than a minimum length/full length sized case or to put it another way there was + .020” difference in the length of his chamber and and the length of new, factory loaded ammo. He decided to hang the two rifles on the wall and not fire them. He also had a few that would allow the bolt to close on cases that were longer .010” shorter than the chamber when measured from the usual place, BUT for the most part most of his chambers fell into the category of go-gage length.

He was thinking about reloading for all those Mausers, the last time I heard from him he was going to Tennessee to visit a reloader/collector to get help. I can only guess the cases I sent that were different length and could be used to measure both .318 and .323 Mausers wore them out.

POINT! ? If I sent sized cases to Sierra and Berger would they be willing to start chambering the cases until they felt resistance to bolt closing. Back to two different rifles with the same? chambers shooting the same ammo, one shoots one hole groups, the other shoots patterns, then there is my M1917 Remington with the recoil lug on the barrel, not the receiver. When it comes to difference in accuracy when comparing M1917s the M1917 with the lug on the barrel is more accurate than all the rest of my M1917 30/06 chambered rifles ‘and’ that includes my 03s and A3s.

Bart B. if I am to take you seriously all I have to do is use Sierra bullets or Berger bullets and use a Redding die?? You do not know how the chamber in the test rifle is chambered, you do not know the length of the chamber, when Hornady test 7mm57 ammo they use a 7mm57 Mauser rifle, they claim that rifle makes the shooter look good.

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