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I am going to have to take exception to all posters who envision staying in a bedroom at the top of the stairs is advantageous to confronting the bg on the stairway.

That is NOT a good decision, . . . in fact, . . . it is a very poor one.

The fact that the bg is ascending the stairs means he is coming after you, and your family.

Waiting until he is on your level, . . . exposes the whole family to his gunfire.

When the bg is coming up the stairs, . . . you have a door frame behind which to hide most of your normal sized bodies. He has only the air in front of him behind which to hide.

Take him out while he is vulnerable. If he gains the top of the stairs, he has options, . . . in the stairwell, . . . he has option 1 (get shot), . . . option 2(turn and flee), . . .

Once he is in your doorway, . . . maybe you get off the first shot, . . . maybe you get him, . . . maybe he sprays and prays with a 16 shot semi auto and your wife, son, or granddaugher pays the price.

Basic battle tactics never change from the battlefield to the house, . . . from the kitchen to the church, . . . engage them from cover, . . . with as much concealment as possible, . . . engage them when they are vulnerable, . . . engage them when non combatants are at the least risk, . . .

Waiting till they enter the bedroom, . . . may as well voted for Obama. Makes about as much sense.

FWIW: those are the tactics learned as an 11B40, . . . light infantry platoon sergeant, . . . they work for our men in the sandbox, . . . they'll work for us at home.

May God bless,
Good post Dwight. I've cleared more houses than I care to recall during my 20+ year LE career and the stairway (like a doorway) is a fatal funnel. Easiest and best to stop the threat there.
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