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Originally Posted by charlie12:
I have a mossberg 500. I have the BR's on the top fl (2nd floor). My plan is to have kids with wife in a BR and me waiting in hallway guarding the stairs making sure no one comes up. I do have some concealment - i can conceal myself to the side but will be exposed if I need to fire down the stairs. Is this a good plan or should I retreat with family in BR? I do not like the idea of going into BR with fam because I feel the BG can take a shot when the door it broken down or opened.
Thanks for your thoughts.
Doesn't matter where you "draw the line" so long as you can support it successfully with the least risk to yourself and your family.

My plan is a duplicate of yours for the most part. As long as they don't cross that line, my family is safe and anything else can be replaced by insurance.
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