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Corrective lens recommendation for open sights?

Hi all,

Recent cataract surgery has left my eyes with a problem or two. I need some recommendations on a certain kind of correction.

I'm left handed. My left eye is dominant. But, it was corrected for distance. My right eye was corrected for reading.

An optician recommended a 'Double D' lens for my left eye. Have you ever heard of that? It's a Bi-Focal with a reading portion of the lens above AND below the center distance portion.

The idea is that I need only tilt my head up or down a little to see iron sights clearly, then center my view to see the target clearly. Again, it's like a regular bi-focal, only with the reading portion ground into the upper areas as well. I understand tradesmen wear them to make their work easier.

My intent is to get the lenses set up as safety glasses. I would also consider a brown tint for better contrast, but that's optional. (Gray or brown are the choices). Or, I can get some photo-chromic lenses that darken in the sunlight.

Any one been down this particular road?
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