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Most plastic gun fans have never shot a 1911 or a real revolver.
Must be one of the most ignorant comments I've ever read on these forums.
I have to agree with the second quote. I have a G20, 21, 22, 23, and 24 and like them very much for their durability, capacity, reliability, and light weight. I also have 2 Springfield 1911s, a Mil-Spec and a Range Officer and I like them for their classic design and great feel. Further, I also have a SA Cavalry (7.5" barrel) that rides on my hip when I'm levergunning.

Which is best? Depends upon what I'm doing. For range work and plinking my 1911s are great fun but too heavy and low capacity for CCW or HD consideration. For CASS type shooting, the SA Cav gets the nod. However, for CCW my G23 is always behind my hip and for HD and woods walking my custom G20 longslide is my choice.

A BMW makes a nice road car but it's a terrible choice for hauling dirt where a pickup would be a great choice, however, neither would be a good bet for hauling a collection of kids or for off-roading.

The right tool for the job makes the most sense. Ignore the gun snob telling you that his choice is perfect for everything.

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