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Corrections Cop, once again....

Some people have physical disabilities that prevent them from using SD techniques, or effecting escapes.

Some people are physically able, but have no hand to hand training of any type.

In this case, we don't know about Williams' physical condition or hand to hand skills. We don't know if he could have safely turned his back in order to get into his vehicle.

We also don't know how physically menacing Rodriguez might be.

So you would fall back on techniques that you learned as a CO, or use LTL devices you have probably learned to use as a CO. Fantastic. I just spent the last hour and a half or so teaching a couple gate sentries how to handle people grabbing and shoving them; my way involves wrist locks and other joint manipulations. Fantastic. We also worked on weapon disarms. Also fantastic.

Most average Joes are not you and me.

FYI, I'm also 44. The gate sentries were in their 20s, and in my weight class. One would think Army security types would be pretty formidable at hand to hand. A layperson might reasonably expect that either one would do a number on the middle-aged guy. No offense to the two guys, but I tossed them around like dolls. They plan on coming back for more, tomorrow, and also plan to bring some friends.

Without more information about Williams, Rodriguez, and the nature of the shoving match, it's hard to make informed judgements.
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