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Dad never owned a gun. I loved westerns, getting hooked from the serials and movies at the theaters. That was Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, and Hopalong Cassidy days. I used to play cowboys almost every day with kids in the neighborhood.

My brother, who was 7 years older, passed down his Red Ryder and after wearing that out, I bought a Daisy pump gun, wore it out, bought another and wore that one out also. By that time, my brother bought a Rem 514, a cheap single shot. When he went to college, I wore that one out also.

My B-I-L introduced me to handgun shooting. He had a cheap Sheridan Knockabout single-shot break-open pistol and one day (about 1957, at age 13) he let me shoot it at a can on a fencepost. I used it when he was away in the Air Force. After his passing a few years ago, I ended up with the piece, but have yet to fire it. I just keep it for the memory of firing a handgun for the first time.

I started buying guns with money earned working for my dad's business and kept trading about 5 times a year through high school, never owning more than a couple of guns, but shooting thousands of rounds a month.

In my 20s, I got into competitive handgun shooting, skeet shooting, and turkey shoots. I did okay and have been shooting both for fun and competitively in several venues ever since. I also learned to tune rifles and handguns and had a (hobby) gun repair/accurizing business for years.

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