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I thank God every day... I have a great life... I do love to hunt, but lately work has been busy in the fall, so I haven't been out the last couple years... that said, big game ( deer ) around here are shotgun slugs, or handguns, so the last several years I went, I used Contenders...

... was out "west" hunting Elk / Mulies a couple years ago, & took the 338 & 375 out west with me...

so since I have my own 300 yard rifle range, most of the center fire stuff just gets exercised on the range... the lil 17 Mach 2 has taken more than it's share of Rabbits, those pesty Red Pine Squirrels, & Racoons the dog has treed over the last couple years...

I'm trying to have a good balance between caliber range, & power through out the bolt actions in my collection... I know I'm a lucky guy
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