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No, they know that the costs of doing things right outweigh the benefit of placating the few. Modern directors using firearms in a movie have firearm experts at their side. If having a five minute scene where Johnny Hammer field strips his glock would make money, it would be in the movie.

The aim of a film is to make money, and reality always gives way to the plot and audience expectations. This is true for every technical field, not just the use of firearms.
This is absolutely true. Ever since Dirty Harry drew his Model 29 (actually, I'm sure it was before this even, but that movie sold a lot of 29's) guns have been a part of product placement. One of the best (worst?) examples of this recently, I think is the the remake of total recall that features the Kriss Vector and Chiappa Rhino.

I can just see people going into a gun store asking for the "Total Recall" gun. Hell, I saw a Kriss Vector for sale at a gun show last month with the movie poster behind it, with a hand written "As seen in Total Recall!" note right beside it. A gun shop tried to sell me a Rhino a couple months ago and the best thing he could say about it was it was in Total Recall.
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