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If you've never hunted or shot a rifle, sit with someone who has and either borrow their gun if a shot is offered under strict guidance or take a camera and observe. Learn the ropes through shooting at targets with a .22 then progress upwards as your skill level increases. Going out and buying a high powered rifle to impress the In Laws is wrong and irresponsible. You may very well be a natural and be able to process things when that deer steps out but I doubt it. Shooting a live animal in the proper location so as not to wound it and making a clean harvest is no easy feat the first time out. You'll thank yourself later for being an observer and learning things the right way if you happen to like it. Conversely you will never want to hunt again if you wound one an lose it to die a slow and agonizing death and that new $1,000+ purchase will be a reminder of a mistake.

Just my honest opinion. There is a reason that I take my son's with me to learn, not shoot. This is no way lessens the experience but makes you more responsible and appreciative of what you do.
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