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Since switching to the platinum a I've had great results. On pass through shots it's hard to prove. I shot a buck last year ranged at 128 yards quartering away. Bullet entered just in front of hind quarter and passed all the way through the opposite front shoulder. When I skinned him I found a perfectly mushroomed sabot not missing any large pieces. He went 15 yards and down. This year on the shot gun opener while using my tc I shot a nice buck through the center of the shoulder. It was the only shot I had. I ranged a tree he was behind at 55 yards. When I skinned him I found an identical mushroomed sabot to the one from the year before. It went through both shoulders and stuck in the skin. Dropped him right there. Had the same results with several does as well. I'm shooting a TC Omega, Nikon omega 3-9, 3 T7 pellets, powerebelt platinum 270 gr aero tip, Remington primer. If I use a shockwave with this combo it won't expand. Have to drop to 2 pellets.
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