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Hal, that additional article added more confusion, IMO.

On the bright side, it offers the further detail that Rodriguez allegedly initiated the physical contact; so, the article should have been "Man pulls gun on man who assaults him over political bumper sticker."

On the not so bright side, it offers the further detail that in addition to the gun, Williams had three knives in his pockets, plus a neck knife on a chain. That will make him look pretty mall ninja to many in the jury pool.

On the media leaving out details side, the knives could have been one folder, one leatherman, and one swiss army, which would sound much different to jurors than, say, an Arkansas toothpick and two Sykes-Fairbairns.

The fact that Rodriguez was unarmed may or may not have any bearing, depending on whether NM law allows deadly force against simple assault, or whether Williams could establish that a reasonable person would also have thought Rodriguez were armed.
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