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I hunt in upper Wis often, and the UP occasionally.

Great way to make a bad impression with people up there is to show up with an AR type of rifle!

If you're sitting in deer blinds (huts as you call them), you'll most likely be sitting all day and not making drives and such.
So quick follow up shots on moving deer may not be the most important. In that case, a bolt may work fine.

Now, if you're going for style points with the family and the deer camp (never a bad thing), if you show up with a Savage 99 or Win 88, you'll receive some smiles for sure.
If there's older hunters there, they may have the same gun, or 'remember when' they or family members had them at deer camp.
308's can be found somewhat reasonably. If you have lots of cash to spend, go for the full monty of classic style and find a 358 Win in either gun.

Either gun in 358 just oozes style and classic caliber. Nice handling deer gun with quick follow ups. The 358 hits like the hammer of Thor on deer (and most anything).

I'm a huge 358 fan, my favorite caliber of all time.

The above, or a Rem 7600 pump is never a bad choice for midwest deer hunting. I would choose either before any bolt.

Best of luck on your trip!

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