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PSA everything will do everything a BCM will at significantly less cost.
I know that I am in the minority on this forum... but I can not recommend against PSA strongly enough.

I have orderd several lowers and uppers from them and while... if you actually get what you ordered...and get one that works... it has no issues... but if you have any problems, you are left completely on your own.

I have had 2 different orders where I was sent the wrong items... and then they expected me to pay return shipping... they sent a label after I told them there was no way that was going to happen.

I also had one of my uppers come in and the right side feed ramp was badly out of spec. It jammed every single round. There was an obvious lip/burr where the upper receiver and barrel met. I emailed 5 times and called 3 times, leaving voicemails... because they never answer the phone. This was over the course of a full month and after the 5th week of no response, I finally took the rifle in to the guys at ASA(American Spirit Arms) as their shop is right across the street from my office and I know them pretty well. They saw exactly what was wrong and were able to fix it and have it ready for pick up the following day. Cost me an additional $50 out of pocket for the gun smithing work... but at least it's a usable rifle now.

So with that said... I can personally vouch for Daniel Defense and BCM as top quality manufacturers with both excellent quality control AND excellent customer service. Both of which are lacking in PSA's production. If you want to go super cheap, and don't mind a bit of hassle if you have to return things and get them replaced... maybe PSA is the way to go. Personally, I'd rather spend a little more money and have the piece of mind that my gun is going to work when I need it to.

I can also recommend any of the S&W M&P rifles. They are a bit cheaper, but have a good track record... and I have had nothing but superb customer service from S&W in the past.

By the way... I never did hear back from PSA about the faulty upper. Not a word.. they just ignored the entire incident. What a shame....
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