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Glock Build?

So I had my brand new G17(gen4) out and was shooting alongside my Caracal F and I determined that the stock trigger in the Glock is not as good as the Caracal.

Mind you that these are just stock. Also I noticed the slide stop was a little hard to find with my large hands and the mag release was not long enough...etc.

So instead of adding all these replacement parts to the Glock, I was thinking of just building up a new one. Now before a get a list of the costs like i have seen before that shows that it is more money, this would be a little different.

I have plenty of parts already, including an extra barrel and mags etc. So the slide and frame of course are the highest costs. Most of the rest of the parts
extended slide release
custom slide back piece
extended mag release
extended takedown lever
ghost trigger assembly

I will get on ebay or have already and these would be purchased even if I purchased a new Glock. I don't want a used Glock.

So, has anyone done this recently? I love doing this type of thing and it turns you into an expert on the function of the gun/item. I did this with a build on a road bike for my triathalon. It took a while, but I purchased a bare frame and built up with some parts I had and some purchased on ebay. Did have it tuned at a bike shop after cables installed, but runs like a dream. This is a 3,000.00 bike that cost me half and now I instantly know what is going on when on the road since it was me who installed the componants.

So, with a few hundreds of dollars and some spare parts, I will end up with a fully custom Glock 21 (im thinking at the moment) or G34 but will cost a little more because of barrel.

One off hand question. If you get a threaded barrel, will this increase accuracy alone because of the slightly longer barrel or is it the whole slide and barrel - sight line (G34) vs (G17) that improves accuracy?

That is what I want in the end, a smoother and more accurate Glock where once there was a pile of parts, a lone wolf barrel and bullets that we are fit testing through it on the desk next to the reloader with empty brass and Dillon tools laying around.
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