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RG 38 snub nose:

Can't really say I owned it, and I didn't keep it, I bought it to trade for my grandfather's 16 ga single barreled shot gun.

My aunt had my grandfathers shotgun. I wanted it.

When I was 8-10 I picked up pop bottles along the highway to come up with the 25 cents I needed for three shells and killed my first deer with that shotgun.

Years later, I was in highschool and asked my grandmother about the gun, she told me my aunt had it. Then she told me stories about the gun.

My grandfather pretty much used it to feed his family during the depression. He worked part time for the sheriff's dept, escourting prisoners from Perryville to Little Rock by wagon. The shot gun was his only weapon.

They lived on the Perry-Polaski county line, and grandpa stopped at the house to get some rest while on one such transport. While he napped grandma guarded the bandit. The bandit asked if she would really use that gun, she just said, "get out of that chair and see". He didn't.

Well since I've heard the stories and killed my first deer with that gun I had to have it. I asked my aunt and she said she needed it for protection (though she never fired it and I doubt she had any shells).

I told her I'd buy her a pistol which would be better for protection. After a bit she agreed. So I went to the hardware store and paid $29 for a piece of crap RG pot metal revolver and traded for the shotgun. (Back then, early 60s kids could buy guns).

So I had the thing for a few hours. Though it was junk, it was the best buy and trade I ever made. Still got my grandfather's shotgun but found out it was made for black power only. Don'tshoot it much but I still have it, and hope my grandkids will appriciate it some day.

Don't think my aunt every got any 38s for the gun, just as well, she was happy.

A little bit off topic, but that RG was the worse gun I ever bought.
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