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A good used S&W will serve you well AND increase in price. Things Ruger and Taurus won't.
Pretty much bunk right there, it takes a very poor firearm indeed to not increase in value in the long run. Just look at the prices for older Blackhawks, Security Sixes, Single Sixes etc compared to when they were purchased. I truly wish I could go back in time and buy these older Rugers for what they were bought for.

but for hunting a Blackhawk is way better than a GP100 or 686 and less $$$.
This one will take some explaining. There is nothing a DA gun won't do in the woods that a SA can and pretty much vice-versa. Top that off that in stainless guns the GP will weigh less than the Blackhawk, maybe even blued but I haven't checked.

Recommendations for a hunting .357? Honestly there's almost too many to list. Stay away from guns with barrels less than 4", Ruger and S&W quality is always a plus. 4" has some big advantages and some negatives. It's true that you get a little more velocity and sight radius with the longer barrels but it does not turn a .357 from a weak sister into a power house. Actual performance is only a modest gain. As for accuracy I can shoot sub 2"@50 and sub 4" @100 groups with 45 year old eyes and a 4" Security Six. How much better would I be with a longer barrel? Not that much room for improvement. Let balance in your hand, carryability and legal reasons guide your barrel length choice.
Other than that you really need to handle and shoot as many guns as you can before you buy. Of coarse for most of us that's fantasy land so do what the rest of us do.......... Buy a decent gun and then another, another another, etc. It's really the only realistic way to find that perfect one. There's been a whole bunch of good recommendations to start you off.

BTW, don't be afraid of used quality guns.
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