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Mleake so it is clear for everyone

Albuquerque police said Chris Williams was approached by Edward Rodriguez in a restaurant parking lot on Friday.

Rodriguez, a veteran, was upset with the content of Williams’s bumper sticker which claimed that America made a big mistake re-electing President Barack Obama. Rodriguez told police that he wasn’t interested in discussing politics and told Williams, "People like you should be shot," according to police.
Chris Williams was the guy with the bumper sticker who was minding his own business, Rodriguez came over and ended up saying "people like you should be shot".

After a brief shoving match, police said Williams drew a .380 pistol and forced Rodriguez to the ground. Williams claimed he was restraining Rodriguez until the police arrived.
So again...the guy with the bumper sticker (Chris Williams) seems to have drawn the pistol.

Typical media report though, leaves more quesitons that answers

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