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Originally Posted by 4runnerman View Post
Question--- I have looked at them also. I am at a loss here. When you say you save even with haz mat fee?. My question is how much are you paying locally for your powder?
If i add haz mat fee and powder cost for-say one powder i use H4895. I would have to buy at least 10 lbs plus just to break even with my local store cost.

Just the haz mat fee buys me 1 more lb of powder plus

The bullets- I would have to buy at least 500 to break even.

Oops- I did not take tax in to account- But you still pay taxes at powder valley to-Right?.
Your local prices must be extraordinarily low. I can buy 1,000 primers and 2 pounds of powder and more than cover hazmat.

My local prices average at least $10-$12/pound and about the same per 1000 primers than PV. So, 2 pounds and 1,000, I save at least $30, sometimes closer to $40, and that's not including tax.
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