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Corrections Cop, I see you edited your post and corrected your initial claim.

So, for those who say, it was only a shoving match, why draw a gun? Tell me, how would you handle it?

Somebody comes up, tells you "People like you should be shot," and commences to get in your face and shove you. What do you do?

I'm a fairly good sized buy, but not huge (6', 205). I'm in reasonably good shape, but not a jock. I do, however, have a little over 20 years of martial arts background (wrestling, kenpo, jujutsu, and mostly aikido). If cornered, but not in mortal fear, I could probably execute some nasty takedowns or locks... but those aren't guaranteed.

A lot of people out there don't have that skillset, or have other limitations that make physical confrontations a losing proposition from the outset. What would you suggest they do?

And, again, what do you think you would do?
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